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DIAC and Migration Practitioners’ Liaison Meeting
Thursday 3rd December 2009 (9am – 11 am)
Conference Room – Level 25 – Casselden Place, Melbourne
移民局将根据不同的签证类别调派专门的经理,经理权限是全澳的,不分州,也就是说跨州领导。其目的是增加对签证的监管和执行,提高效率。今天来开会的就是部分签证类别的总头头,其中主持会议的是墨尔本的STEPEHN RUSELL,应该是移民部一个副总。
Mr Kanwal J. – Citizenship and visa services 公民和签证部经理,主管境内各种学生签证,公民申请。
-      澳洲境内签证申请增加了19%           Student applicants up by 19 per cent his year;
-      移民局人手不足,移民官很多升迁,休假,导致处理签证延误,目前有6000多案子积压。             Department understaffed resulting in processing delays;
-      接下来2周增加15个签证官培训                    In the next two weeks 15 new staff will begin training in the section;
-      生活费担保金从12000提高到18000澳元                  From 1 Jan 2010 the financial support requirement for students will increase from $AUD12, 000 to $AUD 18, 000
-      墨尔本移民局楼下大厅也增加人手             Waiting times in the Casselton Place foyer have also increased due to staff shortages;
-      12月增加8个新签证官               On 11 December another eight staff will begin in the service area;
-      移民代理可以随时预约,每天有15次机会给移民局代理上门快速服务。         Migration Agents can call any day and make an appointment. There are 15 appointments available daily and the waiting times are around 7 minutes compared with 35 minutes if you don’t have an appointment. If there is an appointment available on the day you will get one.
-      鉴于移民局对中国签证的留学贷款缺乏了解,有些留学贷款人的资金不小心冻结了,移民局认为不合格而拒签,黄文勇顾问特别和Kanwal经理做了交流,他想通过留学网号召大家做留学贷款不要冻结,避免误会。因为在境内签证,一旦境外调查有问题,是立刻拒签的,不服的必须去MRT上诉。也就是说,申请境内续签,时间上大家要有思想准备,材料也要齐全。同时移民局加强了对学生签证的调查,部分案子是送到海外领事馆核实贷款和担保人收入来源的。
Mr Sean S Rapid Audit Project to investigate Colleges 调查私立学校快速审计项目组组长
-      移民局联合维州学校注册和质量控制当局VRQV开展了很多审计工作 
          Audit was performed on Victorian Colleges in conjunction with VRQV;
-      评估一个学校的风险依据主要看学生来源国是否单一、是否有违规现象、是否所开的课程全部是MODL清单上的课程、是否使用了垃圾中介、是否存在一个老板开几个学校的现象。   
  A risk assessment was performed on all education providers looking at factors such as single country of origin of students, courses provided by Colleges (eg. all MODL courses); quality of College website and professionalism of contact details eg. college contacts with yahoo email addresses considered riskier); owners in Australia or offshore; links with employment scams; quality of response to CRISCOS reporting obligations;
-    判定17个学校为高危险学校。       The risk assessment identified 17 “high risk” colleges;
-     17个高危学校已经有3个选择自愿关闭。如以印度学生为主的Totally indigo, 臭名昭著的圣乔治和另外一个学校,没记住名字。
       At least three colleges from the 17 have already voluntarily closed down – Totally Indigo, St George and one other;
-     维多利亚州议会通过条例将2010年初允许在政府网站公布被取消注册的学校名单。  
       Victorian legislation passed Parliament to allow names of deregistered Colleges to be published on Government websites;
-     接下几周,将陆续倒闭更多劣质的小私立学校。
Some more of the Colleges will close in the next couple of weeks;
-     移民局争取和维多利亚州政府合作改变澳洲海外教育行业,使得澳洲学历更加有质量,留学生有更好的体验。 
       DIAC is trying to work with the Victorian Government to turn the overseas education industry around to ensure qualifications are sound and students are having a good experience;
-     由于审计原因,私立学校和学生的数量减少将不可避免。 
       A fall in the number of providers and students is expected as a result of the audits
Ms Ann K Family Migration Branch 家庭移民类别(婚姻和父母移民类)
-      A range of changes in the past six months including s48, Schedule 3 waivers, requirement for police check for sponsors when the visa applicant is bringing a dependent child;
-      Complaints of slow second stage partner visa processing times from agents due to 1st stage files from overseas posts not being sent directly to processing office in ACT, rather to an archive centre;
-      No movement towards e-lodgement of partner visas at this time;
-      Average processing time for 1st state visas is under six months unless a security check is required from an external agency. The security checks never take less than six months.
Prue M. Permanent Skilled Entry Branch 永久技术移民类
-      Under the new alignment the Parramatta and Perth Permanent Skilled Entry branches will also answer to Stephen Russell in Melbourne;
-      There is a current backlog in Parramatta and Perth which should be cleared early next year under this new arrangement;
-      All states apart from NSW have signed up to the new state sponsored health undertaking arrangements;
-      If the medical treatment is assessed at over $100, 000 then the state government is referred for opinion but the DIAC delegate makes the decision on the case. If it is assessed as over $200,000 then the state government is referred the case for their opinion, then national office and then back to the DIAC delegate for the decision. Prue is the delegate in these cases.
-      Health upgrades for medical results are now no longer possible. People can not use their medicals from their temporary visa applications by upgrading them with blood tests etc to a permanent level. This is due to inefficiencies in the DIAC processing of the medicals and will be revisited in the future.
-      If there are exceptional cases where it is necessary for the health upgrade the delegate can consider these on their merit;
-      Increase in use in deeming provisions as more people move from the GSM que to ENS. 
-      Agents should clearly identify on the front of the application that they are using the deeming provisions to make it clear to case officers;
-      Introduction of new e-receipt to replace the old paper receipts on lodgement. If you want a receipt when you lodge the application you can request to wait while the case officer emails it to you.
Jeremy S. 457 Branch 工作签证类别
-      Applications for ASCO 1-3 occupations are down 50 per cent from last year and ASCO 4 are down 75 per cent;
-      Minister is not unhappy with this outcome;
-      Additional information has been added to PAM in the past few days regarding the new training benchmarks with more explanations;

Angelo F. Sponsored Monitoring Unit 担保监督小组
-      75 sponsors were sanctioned prior to 14 September changes and no one has been sanctioned since the changes;
-      DIAC undertaking a process of educating sponsors on their obligations and in some cases visiting potential sponsors so that they understand their obligations;
-      Further clarification may be provided about what constitutes “recruitment costs” that can not be recovered;
General discussion 其他普通讨论
-      技工的就业准备考试将由TRA执行,不会是纸上考试。部分老的评估如果用作457工作签证将不再被认可,因为对原先评估材料存在怀疑,所以需要重新评估TRA。                 
  Job Ready Test – will be performed by TRA and will be non paper based. Some old TRA assessments already undertaken for PR applications will not be able to be used for temporary applications due to concerns about the papers used for the first assessments.
-      移民局签证贴花只有上午9-11点可以。                        
Visas can only be evidenced at the counter between 9-11 am daily;
-      无纸化签证使得护照没有贴花,无法判断护照持有人的签证条件,所以移民代理需要特权随时可以查看VEVO。                      
Request from RMA to have access to VEVO and all visa conditions as a result of the decrease in visa labels – Jeremy said he would investigate.
Next meet – Thursday March 27th 2010 – 9am 下次会议。2010年3月27日上午9点。
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